My name is Lukas. I am 29 years old, a Polish/German citizen and this is my story.

Together with my mother, I relocated to Germany when I was five years old. Because of my background, limited German language skills and sexual orientation, I was often bullied, which influenced my performance at school and resulted in weight gain. In my teenage years my German stepfather, who is a night shift worker, advised me to work hard for my goals otherwise I would end up like him. Since then I restored my self-confidence, improved my grades and was often top of the class.

After working for various advertising agencies, I accomplished one of my greatest dreams: I landed a temporary position at adidas and managed to stay permanently for almost five years at the Headquarters in Germany. After being diagnosed with the burnout syndrome in 2018, I said “no” to the corporate world, left friends and family behind and followed my mission in finding my meaning of life. For the last six months, I dedicated my life solely to Yoga and mental work in Bali.

Throughout the years, my inner calling stubbornly tried to get me on my predetermined path and reminded me of the teachings of mental and physical health and the art of harmonious coexistence with myself and others. I partially listened and kept meditating and practicing Yoga now and then. I even became a Massage Therapist, tried an infinite number of diets and worked out my entire life to fight my genes. My experience has taught me that the answer to every life question hides somewhere inside of us.

Always remember, I am here to take you by the hand. Through fostering your consciousness and awareness in every aspect of your life, we together reach a higher goal – making our planet a better place.